A Challenging Workout for Every Fitness Level and Every Body

Cuong Rhodes

Owner & Lead Trainer

At Fire Fitness, we believe fitness is for every Body. Everyone that wants a stronger, leaner and more flexible body can achieve these goals. Why should you focus on a stronger, leaner and more flexible body, when all you may want to do is lose 10 pounds? A stronger, leaner and more flexible body will insure that you are able to participate fully in all the adventures that life has to offer and yes, you will lose those unwanted pounds.

Services We Offer

Individual Training

Individual Training allows us to tailor the exercise program to address your specific goal and needs. We are also able to quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses which will help us guide you to a more balanced body.

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Group, Youth, & Senior Training

Group Training is a great way to help keep individuals motivated and accountable.
Let the Fire Fitness Team take the pressure off the group. We offer group training for seniors, youth, and everyone in between.

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Our 6 Week Bootcamps are designed for those individuals who are seeking a high intensity interval training (HIIT) experience. You will enjoy a mixture of strength and conditioning training, body weight training, plyometric training, and stretch and core training.

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Our Philosophy

The struggle of starting an exercise routine or taking your athletic training to the next level can be overwhelming. Fire Fitness offers a private training space. This allows you to focus on a challenging and exciting training session without distractions. The Fire Fitness Team can become your partner; we will listen, guide, challenge, motivate, encourage and work with you. When you train with us, our goal is simple; it is “Getting You to Fit; Helping You Stay Fit and Taking Your Training to the Next Level.”

Here Are Our 3 Guarantees: We Will…

Develop a Customized Workout

Everyone has their own fitness goals, preference, and challenges. We take everything into account and develop a fitness routine that's just for you!

Support You In Reaching Your Goals

Working out is tough, we get it! You have goals and we help get you there! We like to give our clients the perfect combination of motivation and support to get you results.

Help You Get the Results!

Results are the end game for everyone. We plan your fitness routine around your goals and layout milestones along the way. You want the results... we can help!

Our Commitment to You

What is our commitment to you? The Fire Fitness Team commits to giving YOU great service in a clean and safe environment. No matter which form of training you chose to participate in, we will listen to your goals and focus on helping you achieve them. You will experience new and exciting methods of training so you can become physically and mentally sharp. We want to help you become stronger, leaner and more flexible than ever. Through the use of encouragement, accountability, and laughter, each training session will be executed to achieve maximum results. Our desire is for you to become well balanced and to discover that the possibilities are limitless. So let the Fire Fitness Team help you IGNITE THE FIRE WITHIN!

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